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Mark Canepa

I was born in 1959 in Berkeley, CA. I grew up in the small city of El Cerrito, and as a kid I enjoyed watching the Rose Parade in Pasadena and wished one day I could build one. Enjoying art in every form, I went through high school with the love of art, taking classes whenever possible, I went to two colleges, graduating from Chico State. I was 23, I pretty much thought I could work for Disney and Disney worked for me. I enjoyed making art, taking chances at every turn in art as well as life. I have a wonderful relationship with my Mother, I lost my father in 2003, I have two brothers, 3 nephew and 2 grand nephews. I have friends around the world as well as my art.

But for me, the last ten years you can mostly find me in my studio, welding or painting, that is my love, and they are my lovers.