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John Ebersole

Drawing upon influences of ancient art from around the world, Ebersole creates a believable rendering in paper-mâché that honors our common human heritage.

Ebersole’s relationship with art began at a very early age. His mother is an accomplished pastel and oil portrait artist. His own formal art training includes studying under Mexican sculptor, Miguel Angel Sanchez in Oaxaca from 1969 to 1970.

Originally from California, he has lived and travelled extensively in Mexico, and has also lived a number of years in the Northwest of North America, including British Columbia and Washington State. His home base for many years now is Benicia, CA.

Ebersole uses his own unique technique that combines a type of papier- mâché with images from antiquities, producing delightfully powerful works with the appearance of being true archeological treasures.

“The essence of rock art touches something very deep inside of me” says Ebersole, summing up his personal connection with the work.

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